The body of work evidenced in Temple Academies' curricula is derived from various Mystery Schools known and unknown in History. Temple Academies is itself a Mystery School, although so modernized it would be unrecognizable by any ancient practitioners brought forward in Time. Except for the frequencies, those they would surely recognize.

In much of our course material I mention time and again that we attempt to teach in the spirit of the ancient Mystery Schools: "Temple Academies is a modern-day Mystery school and the training we offer is presented in that spirit.  We have blended the material so that much of the information presented is immediately available and useful to you.

However, in the spirit of the ancient mysteries, a certain portion of it will only become available over time - particularly time spent in the flow of the energies you are attuned to.  The Mysteries are not about secrets.  They can be known, and they can be experienced. However, they are not easily explained.  They can be alluded to, in the spirit of Lao Tzu’s statement that “the Truth which can be told is not the Truth”.

Therefore, in our manuals and handbooks you will find a collection of information that alludes to deeper processes that go on while using the different energies.  These processes result in greater spiritual depth, deeper knowing of the currents of the Universe.  Understanding of these currents comes gradually.  The beauty of it all is that it comes while using the Energies in their strictly functional guise. The ultimate understanding which comes will not come from information given by any instructor.  It will come from Divine teachers and guides, particularly your own best teacher, your higher Self.

Using the table you will find below as the gauge, I have divided our course materials into four groupings:

  • The first group organizes your various energy bodies, or energy sheaths as they are sometimes called. They organize, integrate, coordinate and make your energies more accessible to you and others.  They clean out accumulated stuff from at least this life, and possibly many others. Purification.
  • Once co-ordinated and cleaned up and functioning optimally, the second group prepares your energy organism for higher work. For listening to higher voices, including your own High Self, ministering to others in a professional sense. Getting ready for More. Preparation.
  • The third group is appropriate for those who are 'about their Father's business' who think they might enjoy responding to a Higher Calling, whether or not that Calling includes others. Initiation.
  • The fourth group is appropriate to those whose attention is most on ultimate Reality, the Cosmos, the TransPersonal realm. It is the area where those guided to become Omega Teachers acquire the tools and skills to do that job. Adepts.
The first group offers tools that are the most everyday useful and functional, even though it, like all the others has deep spiritual understanding undergirding all of its process. The second, third, and fourth groups progressively have more spiritual content at the forefront and are not as focused on function as they are on content and connection.



It has been mentioned to me that there has been a measure of confusion about all of the many classes and attunements we offer. 

Some of it is because I have a strong inclination not to "market" these elements bequeathed to us from the ancient Sacred Science. 

Some, because quite honestly, unless a measure of work has been done with the First group, the other material, is quite underutilized for candidates who - like all of us - hear and see when ready and not until then. 

I apologize for any appearance of elusiveness about all that is available to Aspirants. 

List of courses 





First Degree Omega

Fourth Omega

Fifth Degree Omega

Seventh Degree Omega

Second Degree Omega

Electric Fire  2 - 5

Sixth Degree Omega 

8th & 9th Degree Omega, offered preparatory to Omega Teacher only.

Third Degree Omega

The Triple Helix 3

KalaChakra   1 - 4


Extasis 1 - 4


Grantha  1 - 4

QMR  One

QMR 2-4

Third Sight

Agni Dhatu

Temple Reiki 1 & 2

Shiva Shakti

The Triple Helix 1

The Triple Helix 2

Temple Reiki Master Omega Associate Instructor
Sangre de Cristo Helix System Instructors Full Omega Teacher



Magnetic Heart


Electric Fire One

Some Brief Descriptions below, mostly OMEGA system - for more of Helix System,click here

Agni Dhatu
- An energy like being wrapped in infinite bliss. A Glorious feeling to experience and to offer others. The beautiful definition of its Sanskrit name - "God experienced as a sheet of white flame, having neither center nor periphery", will perhaps give you a sense of what it feels like.

- It loosens the hold of the manifest world. Thus it creates an easier reception of answers to prayer, guidance, Soul group contacts, and angelic transmissions. It aids the bereavement process. It helps us to let go, including saying good-bye to parts of us ready to move on. A marvelous addition to Full Moon Meditations.

CPK - (ChiPranKundalin)
- Ultrawhite fire, sent from the heart, gained from a Chi Kung Master's specialty. A unique cellular cleaning and clearing.

 Extasis - Levels One thru Four
- fills the receiver with blissful, ecstatic qualities of Soul. Bodyworkers report it assists deeper connective tissue penetration without force.

Grantha - Levels 1 thru 4
Another one for the serious student. From Laya Yoga influences, it dissolves certain "knots" in etheric centers via Soul energies. It distills the pure positive essence of the Personality, then consecrates it for service to Self and Soul.

KalaChakra - Levels 1 thru 4
- Contains an extracted essence of the Dalai Lama's Initiation. Stops run-on mind by use of Will energy aspect of divinity.

- after the seminar and its accompanying attunements and energy exercises, graduates report acquiring new habits of self-cherishing, without effort or even thought. It has been described as "an embrace". The ability to cherish oneself leads inevitably to greater tolerance and cherishing of others.

Omega System
First, Second & Third Degree address healing, purifying, and stabilizing the

  • Physical (1st Degree)
  • Emotional (2nd Degree)
  • Mental (3rd Degree) energy bodies
These classes also include instruction in extending healing to others in those same areas. They offer excellent tools: aura balancing, pattern removal, sheath clearing of the emotional and mental energy layers of the aura, and much, much more.
Electric Fires, 1-5th Fire -
- a spiritualizing deep detox provided to
  • kidneys,
  • thyroid,
  • adrenals,
  • a pineal-pituitary stabilization,
  • and the heart as a master gland and emotional regulator.

Omega Fourth and Fifth Degree
are intended for serious students of this Soul Science. These degrees, each in their unique way, make it their business to clear inner direction and optimize the native skills of those who feel they are called to be part of the group of New World Servers. Light workers will function even more effectively as a result.



A classical analysis of the Eleusinian rite, that most revered and long-lasting of the ancient Mystery Schools, divided it into four distinct stages.
Ours is quite similar.

The katharsis, or preliminary purification,

The sustasis, or preparatory rites, The telete, i.e., the initiation proper

And the epopteia, or highest grade of initiation.

Why so many different attunements and classes?

Since there is so much variety and complexity in the human condition, our intention is to address the differing needs and life experience of those who are attracted to our curriculum.

We are extremely proud of the richness and broad scope of our offerings.


  • We are fortunate to have had not just one, but two incredibly gifted Adepts available to us who were able to isolate and replicate just some of the infinite variety of frequencies of spiritual, emotional and physical development. Matt Schoener has left this earth plane. Rosanne Amato Fischer, is still actively helming Temple Academies. Matt and Rosanne's designs have led to a wealth of material available for Searchers at every level of development..