List of courses
and short descriptions.

Agni Dhatu
- An energy like being wrapped in infinite bliss. A Glorious feeling to experience and to offer others. The beautiful definition of its Sanskrit name - "God experienced as a sheet of white flame, having neither center nor periphery", will perhaps give you a sense of what it feels like.

CPK - (ChiPranKundalin)
- Ultrawhite fire, sent from the heart, gained from a Chi Kung Master's specialty. A unique cellular cleaning and clearing.

- after the seminar and its accompanying attunements and energy exercises, graduates report acquiring new habits of self-cherishing, without effort or even thought. It has been described as "an embrace". The ability to cherish oneself leads inevitably to greater tolerance and cherishing of others.

Electric Fires, 1-5th Fire -
- a spiritualizing deep detox provided to
  1. kidneys,
  2. thyroid,
  3. adrenals,
  4. a pineal-pituitary stabilization,
  5. and the heart as a master gland and emotional regulator.
Extasis - Levels One thru Four
- fills the receiver with blissful, ecstatic qualities of Soul. Bodyworkers report it assists deeper connective tissue penetration without force.

Grantha - Levels One thru Four
Another one for the serious student. From Laya Yoga influences, it dissolves certain "knots" in etheric centers via Soul energies. It distills the pure positive essence of the Personality, then consecrates it for service to Self and Soul.

OMEGA Shakti System
First, Second & Third Degree address healing, purifying, and stabilizing the
  • Physical (1st Degree)
  • Emotional (2nd Degree)
  • Mental (3rd Degree) energy bodies
These classes also include instruction in extending healing to others in those same areas. They offer excellent tools: aura balancing, pattern removal, sheath clearing of the emotional and mental energy layers of the aura, and much, much more.

OMEGA Shakti System Fourth and Fifth Degree
are intended for serious students of this Soul Science. These degrees, each in their unique way, make it their business to clear inner direction and optimize the native skills of those who feel they are called to be part of the group of New World Servers. Light workers will function even more effectively as a result. Fourth Degree Omega is required to teach Helix classes or Temple Reiki Classes.

Eleusinian (formerly Ketamine)
- It loosens the hold of the manifest world. Thus it creates an easier reception of answers to prayer, guidance, Soul group contacts, and angelic transmissions. It aids the bereavement process. It helps us to let go, including saying good-bye to parts of us ready to move on. A marvelous addition to Full Moon Meditations.

KalaChakra - Levels One thru Four
- Contains an extracted essence of the Dalai Lama's Initiation. Stops run-on mind by use of Will energy aspect of divinity.

The Magnetic Heart
- assists you in identifying and attracting the deepest desires of your heart. Catalyzing, soothing but magnetically alive! energies begin to flow immediately for aspiring healers.

In a day long seminar, using ancient and contemporary techniques, lifelong self-sabotage patterns and energy blockages are eliminated from the electromagnetic light field surrounding every living being. A great step forward for seekers who have been "on the path" for a while can be the dissolving and removing of residue of the growth process which no longer matches the frequency pattern of who you are today.

PrisOm Energies of Light & Sound

  • Red level, the Body Radiant
    A balanced blend of
    1. A healing, vibrant tonic for the body, based in sound and magnetic energies (i.e.: more feminine) and
    2. Solar energies of consciousness, more precision and single-pointed directiveness (i.e.: more masculine). A superb assist as a manifesting tool.
  • Green level, the Radiant Heart
    Cultivates the unfurling and blossoming of all the petals of the Heart Chakra. Many have said that this is the energy process necessary to Master oneself.

QMR - (Quantum Molecular Rejuvenation) Levels One thru Four
- A rare rejuvenating type energy from a Source in Nepal. Revivifies and youthens, using the sacred Sound Current of the universe, the physical, emotional and mental sheaths.

Temple Reiki
- A measurably strengthened Reiki, adjusted by Rosanne's experience with Omega and the energy devas guiding Helix .

Sangre de Cristo
- Another Taoist healing frequency with very special properties. It awakens your inner personal healer, igniting from within, rather than treating from without.

Third Sight
- A way to transform your life and your days by training the mind away from everyday responses. An excellent attunement tool to assist in the development of Vision.

The Triple Helix
- creates a Safe Space that allows the heart to open.

  • The First Triplehelix
    The field unifier. It protects, soothes, and repairs the energy field around us - the aura. It reinforces energy boundaries and helps create strong relationships.
  • The Second TripleHelix
    The body unifier. It reinforces the flow lines that produce the Body. It builds health. It supports personal relationship by stabilizing the sacral center
  • The Third TripleHelix
    The sacral vault unifier. It awakens, and protects, an unprecedented bridging of the physical centers - the Root and Sacral. It helps take the craziness from Relationship. Another great manifesting tool.