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We often refer to our energy system as OMega Cinquain to reflect our return to the System's early and proudly repeated emphasis on OMega's capacity to access all five filament frequency flows. This is the reason for its ability to flow with such coherence and why it exhibits such extraordinary power .


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Here is a collection of excerpts that I gleaned from oldie-but-goodie early Omega brochures to add more information to what you may already know or have heard about the characteristics of Omega – Rosanne

Cinquain is a term from poetry that means five lines, hence the inclusion in our name to further emphasize that this is an energy system that accesses all the five frequencies that flow in the energy body, and throughout its five "sheaths".


Thumbnail descriptions of the various energies and how used in everyday life. See below and to the right for more detail.


stabilizes, aligns and coordinates the physical etheric. It often immediately addresses issues of physical health and abundance. The pattern removal training can bring closure to emotional issues untouched or unresolved by conventional therapies, and for that reason alone is worth the investment of time and money. 

First Degree is the foundation, the basis for everything else that follows, often the most riveting experience, the greatest single step you'll take. 


Soothes, stabilizes and coordinates the astral/emotional body. It sometimes soothes an ambitious emotional process started at 1st Degree and for that reason it is permitted to be taken rather quickly if basic issues are rooted in the emotional body, e.g.: denial issues, addiction recovery, psychic trauma. In all other cases it is recommended to spend some time getting the foundation established and solidified before more ambitious energetic work is embarked upon.


Targets the concrete mental body and often reorganizes or eliminates our previously   unquestioned assumptions about the mental platform from which we approach life.    It accelerates Third Eye energies which often leads to quickened psychic development.  

The emotional sheath clearing at 2nd and the mental sheath clearing at 3rd are powerful self-healing tools   designed to keep the specific bodies free from the residues of accelerated healing treatments. Third Degree is for those people who are endeavoring to control issues of Cross Purposes,  and when it is felt that the spiritual path now includes Mental Blooming Clearing and Centering. It is for those whose goals are to address issues around success - with a more Mental focus and  right use of Will and Intention.  With these goals in mind is it conceivable that the Brow Chakra is beginning to be your field of awareness.


  • For Advanced students.

  • It is an irreversible step toward another plateau of growth.

  • Targets the abstract mental body.  

  • It is recommended for caregiving professionals as it provides some very specific treatment therapies to be employed with the Ichcha Shakti.

  • The Ichcha Shakti attunement is offered as part of the 4th Degree class and is the first time in recorded history it has been offered outside the Mystery Schools.



offer a broadening of the energy accesses made available in the degree attunements. Carrying an additional component of Kundalini fire, they enable speeded up clearing of issues around rage, offer intense dream therapy healing and clearing, and provide a powerful, spiritualizing deep detox to kidneys (lst Fire), thyroid (2nd), adrenals (3rd), and pituitary and pineal stabilization (4th).


For more information about the rest of our classes   - Coursework




 Main Attunement:

1.      Four layers of activating attunements which focus on each sub-plane of the physical etheric: earth, water, air, fire equivalencies. Allows for hands-on flow of energy.

2.      The Crown Chakra, Alta-Major and palm chakras are attuned.

3.      Conveys ability to heal self and others without clogging of palm chakras and without a transfer of negative energy in any direction,

4.      Adults, pregnant mothers - including the baby, children, and animals can and have been attuned.

 Enhancement Attunement:

1.      Attuned at the Heart Center.

2.      Can be used with First Light to enhance First Degree hands-on- energies,  or to another in your presence without touching touch.

3.      Conveys unconditional love energy.

4.      Comes with activating procedure.

 Light Attunement:

1.      The Light Attunements are the Sacred Energies of OMEGA.

2.      Enhances the hands-on flow by a multiple factor and has been tested to show an increase of energy to 104 degrees.

3.      Comes with activating procedure.

 Pattern/Self Sabotage Removal Attunements:

1.      Takes two activating attunements. Class includes instruction on how to give and receive complete treatment.

2.      Student will know the difference between restimulation of old patterns and the complete removal.

3.      Student will be able to remove self-sabotage patterns from self and others.



 Main Attunement:

1        One Activating Attunement.

2        Builds on major four of First Degree and is further attuned at the emotional level and the Heart Chakra.

3        Comes with two Power Activators that both greatly increase the hands-on energy. Power One concentrates energy (stimulates). Power Two conveys a sense of expansion (sedates).

4        Power Activator Two is a great aid to meditation and the expansion of consciousness and dissipates pain and stress.

5        Comes with Absentee and Prosperity applications.

6        Includes instructions for increased healing meditation for self and others as well as advanced Taoist groundings not previously offered in any western classes or books.

 Second Enhancement Attunement:

1.  Is attuned at the Throat Center.

2.  Allows for greater mental clarity for self and in assisting others.

3.  Can be applied in hands-on or  non-touching circumstances.

4.  Comes with activating procedure.

 First Divine Pause:

  1. Is attuned at the Crown chakra.

  2. Empowered a Western Mystery School for centuries.

  3. Is experienced as an expansion and lifting in head.

  4. Stimulates the pineal, and the Brahmarandra Nadi.

  5. Results in a Samadhi-like experience.

  6. Can be used by itself or in conjunction with First and Second Degree applications.

  7. Comes with activating procedure.

 Emotional Sheath Clearing Attunement:

1.      Is attuned at the Crown Chakra.

2.      Works with a sheeting action.

3.      Soothes the emotional sheath.

4.      Procedures for those without Second Degree, and for those with Second Degree as well as self.

5.      Comes with activating procedure.

Prerequisite: First Degree OMEGA


 Main Attunement:

1. One activating attunement builds on previous main attunements but is further aligned at the lower (concrete) mental level

2. Comes with a most powerful Integration Activator as well as a Psychological/Grounding Activator.

3.  Instruction in first and second level boosters for self and others.

4.  Instruction in absentee/ group/building/prosperity  boosters.

5.  More powerful and deeper than Second Degree OMEGA.

6.  Comes with more advanced Taoist grounding techniques not previously offered in the West, either directly or through books.

 Third Enhancement Attunement:

1.     Is attuned at the Brow Chakra.

2.     A potent aide in the integrating/harmonizing of situations for self and others.

3.     Instruction as to use by itself or with other OMEGA procedures.

4.     Comes with simple activating pro­cedure but may respond automatically to environmental need as “virtue goes out of you".

 Second Light Attunement:

l.    The activating attunement builds on First Light and is more powerful, more penetrative and deeper.

2.   Is a true window of Consciousness.

3.     Accesses more energy.

4.     Instruction as to uses.

 Second Pattern Clearing Attunement:

1. One activating attunement which goes deeper in the purification process.

2. Requires the deeper attunement of Third Degree OMEGA for safe and deeper cleansing. Instruction is given for application in a second pattern removal session for self and others at Third Degree OMEGA.

 Mental Sheath Clearing Attunement:

Is attuned at the Crown Center and uses a combination of several attuned techniques conferred in 3rd Degree in conjunction with the 3rd Degree Pattern removal symbol. This works with a sheeting and a penetrating action. It works with the third strand energy of all the nadi. It soothes the Lower concrete mental sheath.