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Our graduates report that this extraordinary attunement, involving the full auric field and the remarkable sacred geometry copper energy bracelet accompanying it, have assisted them in achieving the following:

  • Supports finding yourself and claiming personal power.


  • Establishes Boundaries, self-containment of personal energies.


  • Assists development and maintenance of a vigorous and resilient energy grid surrounding you.


  • Protects, soothes, and repairs the energy field around you (your aura) when damaged by stress, abuse, or control dramas.


  • Contributes to feelings of safety, willingness to take risks in, or even be in Relationships.


  • Assists creation of an energized magnetic field of attraction for successful manifesting, wholing, healing or meditating.


  • Restores Wholeness to the energy field, heart and mind.


  • Allows you to regain a sense of control of time for yourself, of being present.


The initiation includes a Copper energy bracelet, employing rarely used principles of sacred geometry. It will be keyed to your unique personal frequency to assist the Triplehelix holographic wholing process.

Two attunements, class practice, Certificate and Handbook. Length of class is dependent on size of enrollment.

The Triple Helix - creates a Safe Space that allows the heart to open.

The First Triplehelix  is the field unifier. It protects, soothes, and repairs the energy field around us - the aura. It reinforces energy boundaries and helps create strong relationships. The Second TripleHelix is the body unifier. It reinforces the flow lines that produce the Body. It builds health. It supports personal relationship by stabilizing the sacral center. The Third TripleHelix is the sacral vault unifier. It awakens, and protects, an unprecedented bridging of the physical centers - the Root and Sacral. Another great manifesting tool. It also helps take the craziness from Relationship.